Securities Law and Raising Capital

When a company seeks to raise capital from private and public sources, they must comply with a comprehensive set of federal and state laws that regulate the sale of securities. We assist and advise startups and emerging growth companies on fundraising matters from legal due diligence to ensure that the legal framework is solid before seeking investment and to helping you prepare the appropriate documentation for your investors. We help our clients with:

  • Raising Capital
  • Term Sheets
  • Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreements
  • Voting Agreements
  • Investors' Rights Agreements
  • Management Rights Letters
  • Restated Certificates of Incorporation (Setting forth rights and preferences of preferred stock)
  • Convertible Notes
  • Convertible Equity Agreements, including Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs)
  • Subscription Agreements
  • Legal due diligence to prepare for investments
  • Advising on various methods to raise money from investors
  • Advising on best practices and procedures

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