• Personal Service with the Experience You Need.

    I have 28 year of experience in all stages of the business life-cycle, from inception to mergers and acquisitions. I have worked with start-up companies, established corporation and everything in between, and understand the importance of personal service to get to know you, and understand the needs of your business.

  • Efficiency

    At HeutmakerLaw, we understand that your time is valuable. HeutmakerLaw is available to provide the legal expertise you need, when you need it.

  • Helping Businesses Succeed

    HeutmakerLaw helps businesses throughout Montana and the United States. Whether you are a start-up company or an established corporation, we have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow and flourish.


HeutmakerLaw, pc provides help to companies with corporate matters, commercial contracts, intellectual property, and employment-related matters

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“Jeff is a true expert at all aspects of business and transactional law. Equally important he is a very ethical person who is effective and efficient with his time working hard for his clients”

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Business and Transactional Law


HeutmakerLaw, pc provides assistance to companies with corporate matters, commercial contracts, intellectual property, and employment-related matters. 

Many lawyers seem to have lost sight of the value of their services in relation to its cost. We believe that business people want a lawyer that is available when needed, able and willing to give them practical advice in a timely manner and whose fees are reasonable in relation to their value.

At Heutmaker Law, we understand that business people need someone that they can count on to be on their team, and that has the expertise and experience that their business requires. With 30 years experience, we are able to offer expertise to entrepreneurs and businesses, in order to establish, operate and grow their companies.


In our complex, global economy, business owners and managers often need to make swift decisions about complex issues. They need an attorney that will give advice that is practical and timely and provides value in relation to its cost. We provide a full range of business counseling in several different industries. Our clients include companies in all stages, from small entrepreneurial ventures, to family companies, to those that may have several stockholders and substantial operations. We act as general counsel for many of these companies.

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I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning about your business and your vision.
Jeff Heutmaker, Attorney