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    Mr. Heutmaker’s list of clients includes large established corporations, start-ups and everything in between. He is highly experienced in all stages of the business life-cycle, from inception to mergers and acquisitions.

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    At Heutmaker Law, we help businesses in Montana and throughout the United States. We get to know you and your business so that we can give the best possible advice and representation.

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    All the experience of big-firm, big-city, representation in a personalized way available only in a small and devoted practice. Attorney Jeff Heutmaker personally advises and represents all of the firm’s clients.

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Business and Transactional Law

HeutmakerLaw, pc was formed to provide business and transactional law expertise to entrepreneurs and businesses that want timely and practical advice and expertise in order to establish, operate and grow their companies.

After many years of practicing law, we believe that many lawyers have become so concerned with protecting their firms from liability that they are afraid to give their clients advice. They often research their position so thoroughly (and bill their clients for it) that by the time they develop an answer, the need for the advice has already passed. Or, they put so many caveats in their answers that their clients still don’t know what decision to make after the advice has been delivered. Many lawyers seem to have lost sight of the value of their services in relation to its cost.

We believe that business people want a lawyer that (i) is available when needed, (ii) is able and willing to give them practical advice from a businessperson’s perspective and (iii) whose fees are reasonable in relation to their value.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that business people need someone that they can count on to be on their team that has the expertise and experience that their business requires. They also want someone that they can bounce ideas off and from whom they will get candid answers. Sometimes they even want someone that will be honest enough to admit that they don’t know an answer to a question but that is resourceful enough to find it.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and learning all about your business and your vision.


Jeff Heutmaker, Attorney

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